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12x16" (30x40cm)

Acrylic paint on paper



After relocating to the other side of the world, I found myself reflecting on the meaning of “Home". The word is simple yet symbolic, wrapped in layers of meaning. Does it refer to one's birthplace, location of one's formative years, or current address? That all seems too literal. Perhaps an ideal place or feeling in the mind?


As hermit crabs grow larger, they need larger shells. In order to occupy a suitable shell, they take turns testing a variety of candidates. I guess I feel the same way as them. While my adaptability has improved, there is always a feeling of longing in a corner of my heart. The search for an ideal “Habitat” is shared by many beings on this Earth, whether by preference or necessity. There may be no right answer, but there is value in the search.


Habitat (Original Painting) #5

    • Hand-stamped by Artist.

    • Original artworks are 1/1, all unique.

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